A hosted CMS, built for designers

Create a CMS using the tools you already know. Make static websites editable by adding a CSS class. Manage it all from right inside your Dropbox folder.

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Use Dropbox to sync your files.

900dpi uses Dropbox to sync your files and host them on our super fast servers. Any files you add, update or remove from your Dropbox folder will be updated on your website. No need for FTP, SSH or any other three letter acronyms.


Add the "900-edit" class to any element and your text or image can be easily edited by your client through our WYSIWYG editor. They can edit content right in the page of their website. No more complicated admin system.

Extra Perks: Forms, Includes and Blog.

With 900dpi you can easily add forms into your HTML and the results will be written to your Dropbox folder. You can also include external HTML files in your pages for content that appears on many pages. This is great for clean and consistent navigation. Don't forget our blogging platform. It comes included with each website you host with us.

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When using 900dpi you're among friends. A number of talented designers are using 900dpi to power and host their websites. Here are some of our favorites.

Examples of CMS's hosted on 900dpi
Design Like Mad Zing Coaching Solstice Crossfit

Meet the team

When 900dpi co-founder Abby started her freelance career, she quickly ran into a challenge. She needed a hosted CMS that was created specifically for her needs as a designer. Abby had a great deal of experience designing websites and coding HTML, but she had no idea how to set up a server or do any "back-end stuff". Fellow 900dpi co-founder (and brother) Aaron would frequently help her set up servers and configure content management systems for her clients. After getting frustrated with the tedious and time consuming nature of these tasks, 900dpi was born.

900dpi is crafted by a small and talented team in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin.


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Abby Larner


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